What We Do

We are a community of musicians and music lovers who work together to help make Utah a great place to live.

Children categories

Promote Life-long Learning

Our education programs support learning for children as young as 5, students, and adults of any age. We do this primarily through our performances and the learning opportunities surrounding these performances, our annual community festival, and collaborations with community partners.

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Lead in Arts Education

Our programs reach every school district in Utah on a 3-5 year rotation schedule. Together our over 200 education concerts inspire approximately 150,000 students annually. Our programs are designed for different age levels. We also offer yearly performances that serve audiences with special needs and their families.

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Promote Utah

Utah has an high quality of life and the presence of world-class arts and cultural opportunities ensure this for the future. As a cultural ambassador for the state, we work to raise awareness and esteem for the great state in which we live.

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Support our Economy

We are proud to contribute to the economic vitality of Utah. We employ nearly 150 full-time musicians and staff, and our performances around the state are estimated to contribute $45.5 million in consumer spending to local economies.

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